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/me waves Toucan goodbye

February 14, 2007
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At around 4am GMT, I switched over to Zen. The initial speed was 4meg, although over the next week my speed is likely to fluctuate anywhere between 2meg and 8meg. Here’s hoping it’s higher ^_^

2.2meg 2.2meg 2.2meg

January 11, 2006
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I have 2.2meg.

I’m having fun with a 2.2meg fat pipe. That is all.

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Moving House: The Connection is coming….

January 10, 2006
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I will have ADSL tomorrow.

I am writing pre-emptively to tell you all I will be on the net tomorrow in my own home. Right now, I am writing from the iBook lent to me by my friend using my mother’s house.

My net connection goes live tomorrow, and although I’m not due to recieve my modem till friday, my mother has the same modem (albeit from a different ISP but that doesn’t matter). So I’ll be nabbing it tomorrow, and although I won’t be on the net anywhere near as long as I would be normally, I will finally be able to access the net on a full 2 meg fat pipe that’s enough bandwidth for me and my gf to play SL– 4 at a push, as the pipe is 4 times the speed of my mothers pipe. So tomorrow i should be blogging about my fantastic pipe (or poor performance of expected bandwidth). If not I shall be busy kicking fellow SL resident Jess’s ass on a Mac vs PC B&W match.

Blogger Migration pt7

October 9, 2005

The Annoyance of Service Delays.

With all these service delays, and no news getting to me on what’s causing them- is it technical problems with, technical problems with my sucky ISP etc- I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  • is a superior blogging platform.
  • is a superior site.
  • is a brilliant free service.
  • is an inferior platform.
  • What this basically means is that while I love the platform, I’m starting to hate the site as for whatever reasons beyond my and the technical ppl over at control that are causing the server time out delays that are preventing me from blogging.

    Things I’m considering.

  • I’m considering moving back to blogging on . But that would mean putting up with an inferior service.
  • I’m considering getting a hosting account and managing my own installation. Which is do-able, but I need to keep my money in my bank account (no job, only student loans).
  • I’m considering giving up blogging altogether. Not that anyone would miss me of course, but when I started blogging, I mentioned a little problem I have where I tend to give things up for no apparent reason. I really don’t want to give up blogging, and even more so, I don’t want the technical issues with to be the reason.
  • Basically, I’m stuck on what to do. I’m not even sure whether this post will actually make it to the blog when I click the Publish button.

    Blogger Migration pt5

    September 28, 2005
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    Migration progress.

    After those server time-out problems appeared to have gone away, I’ve managed to get all my posts up to July migrated. Still crap loads to go though.

    Delays in migration progress.

    The fairly large amount of posts was always going to be a problem, but I keep forgetting to adjust header values to fit with the template I’m using here. Can’t wait for the XHTML 2 all-purpose header tag. Early posts used an <h1> tag in the post below an <h3> tag in published output and later posts used a more semantic <h4>. What was an <h4> is now an <h3>.

    Let’s not forget ISP screw ups and intermittent service outages.

    My problem with’s HTML filtering system.

    The little ‘security’ feature they have in place means I can’t use <dfn> tags for my potentiallyOffensive coding experiment (you’ll read more about potentiallyOffensive experiment when I get the posts migrated), and also cause problem with my class=”hidden” and class=”offscreen” coding experiments.


    It’s a little experiment relating to censorship, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

    class=”hidden” & class=”offscreen”.

    Personally I hate seeing full stops at the end of lists and header tags- <dt> and <th> included. The reason I put them there in the first place is back when I was working for Connexions, I was experimenting with some screen reader software, and the dumb piece of crap didn’t put a pause after each header or <li> tag in the navigation list. So I had to put full stops in the <li> tags, but hide them from view. Thus class=”hidden” was born (yes I realise other people may use it, but that was when I first used it). More recently I’ve needed to have some full stops (or other text) be hidden in @media screen, projection etc, and apparent in @media print, aural, braille, embossed, and others hidden in just @media screen, print, projection, handheld etc. Thus class=”offscreen” was born (early posts in Blogspot used class=”hidden”, later ones used class=”offscreen”).

    However I have noticed that the code disappeared between manual coding (I don’t like WYSIWYG editors) and publishing.

    Blogger Migration pt4

    September 27, 2005
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    Problem Work-Around.

    I’ve found a small work-around to the problems I was experiencing with my ISP– do the migration from Uni.

    So right now I’m sitting in Cell M1 in the Info Centre, typing away in an uncomfortable position because it’s not my comfy office chair, and my shoulders are hurting (although I suspect my wrists will follow) because there are no wrists rests in the entire University. I also can’t spell check my typing as although I’m using , it’s not my computer so I don’t have all my extensions, configurations at hand.


    Blogger Migration pt3

    September 27, 2005
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    More Problems.

    It appears that my ISP has decided to be an ass again. In terms of beep beeping quality anyway. Access times to and BlogSpot were so crap today it became impossible to migrate any more posts. I’ve still got to correct a post slug as well.

    Blogger Migration pt2

    September 26, 2005


    I have run into a problem with regards to migrating from Blogspot (boo) to WordPress (yay). and addresses appear to be unreachable from my ISP.

    And just to prove I don’t need blogspot any more…..

    Thankfully, blogspot had ATOM support. Which I used to read my own blog (well, mainly to keep an eye on if it’s updated properly and other experiments). This means I can grab the XHTML straight from the old feed entries in . Not as convinient as copying & pasting the code straight from <textarea> to <textarea>, but handy enough to do the job (and no more annoying messages about POST data).

    Grrrr: Update on beta testing and other things.

    July 13, 2005
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    Update on beta testing.

    Awaiting problems to be solved with korean company is a problem. I got sick of lag and the banality of certain games, I went over to their account cancelation page, only to find that their crappy ASP written site won’t actually let you cancel your account. Goodness knows how this would affect thing if the game was subscription based.

    I did however manage to cancel my GoonZu account. I just found the game to be to unstable, overcrowded, and not well enough translated at the current time. Plus whatsup with the weird mini winamp ? Trademark Infringement anyone ?

    Good(ish) News.

    After about 3 days, I managed to move my Flyff character another couple of feet up the street in Saint Morning before I got disconnected. The server wasn’t even busy.

    Good News.

    Dofus is due to open to public beta in a few days time, its french, but at least thats a european language (and I do have a qualification in reading it somewhere) so the translation shouldn’t be as bad as certain games I might mention.

    My ISP finally got around to apologising for a screwup they made on overcharging for the broadband package, hopefully they’ll refund the extra cash they tried to suck out of me.

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