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A break from MMO play

August 1, 2005
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Taking a break.

I stopped playing a while ago, after getting tired of the whole random disconnections thing. I’ve totally stopped playing , as I was just sick and tired of the lag, the servers being unavailable, poor translation, obvious errors in the NPC scripts. I’m also pissed off that I can’t cancel my account cos of an error with their servers. Stupid ASP.

Also, as I think I mentioned I point blankly dropped another MMO because it kept crashing on me, and as you may have gathered from recent posts I’ve been playing single player Flash games a whole lot more recently anyway.

Grrrr: Update on beta testing and other things.

July 13, 2005
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Update on beta testing.

Awaiting problems to be solved with korean company is a problem. I got sick of lag and the banality of certain games, I went over to their account cancelation page, only to find that their crappy ASP written site won’t actually let you cancel your account. Goodness knows how this would affect thing if the game was subscription based.

I did however manage to cancel my GoonZu account. I just found the game to be to unstable, overcrowded, and not well enough translated at the current time. Plus whatsup with the weird mini winamp ? Trademark Infringement anyone ?

Good(ish) News.

After about 3 days, I managed to move my Flyff character another couple of feet up the street in Saint Morning before I got disconnected. The server wasn’t even busy.

Good News.

Dofus is due to open to public beta in a few days time, its french, but at least thats a european language (and I do have a qualification in reading it somewhere) so the translation shouldn’t be as bad as certain games I might mention.

My ISP finally got around to apologising for a screwup they made on overcharging for the broadband package, hopefully they’ll refund the extra cash they tried to suck out of me.

Games I’m playing/beta testing at the moment

July 11, 2005

Game playing/testing

Since for various medical reasons I haven’t been able to do any serious web development for a while, I got back into beta testing games.

Current beta tests

Flyff, or Fly For Fun is a 3D MMORPG made by Korean company Aeonsoft. It´s billed as having “The first flying system in MMORPG”. It´s a lot of fun, however I do keep on getting disconnected at random times (and I’m not alone. To balance out this problem it is totally free (at least for the moment anyway). Well you get what you pay for so to speak.
Maple Story
Maple Story is a 2D MMORPG. I generally play it when I’m cut off from Flyff. Its totally free, currently in beta test. The game will make its money via a cash-shop system, whereby players will be able to purchase items for real-world cash.
Dark Throne
A browser-based MMORPG.

Other games I’m playing

Kings of Chaos
Browser-based MMORPG
Flash version of the logic puzzle Sudoku. This version is the best I’ve found, although there is only one puzzle a day.

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