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February 7, 2006

Disable Firefox features ?

My 3D Design and Animation lecturer reckons he’ll be able to disable firefox’s text zoom feature on his “widescreen” site. Ha. Ha I say. Like I think I told him, the only way to do that would either be easy to reverse or done as an extension to firefox. So basically, pretty impossible to do.

His site by the way, uses iframes for layout and flash for navigation. Ha. reorganization pt1

October 11, 2005
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Reorganization of my bookmarks.

A couple of weeks ago, I installed the foxylicious Firefox extension. It’s an interesting extension- it imports your bookmarks to your Firefox bookmarks.

The simple configuration is easy to understand, and prompted me to rethink the way I tag my bookmarks. The specific option I’m talking about is the option to specify a character for category separation.

What I used to do.

Technically what I used to do when I first started out is just put the tags in under any old order. Then I started to denote sub-categories in a linear fashion eg web-comic Ctrl+Alt+Del parody Jack-Thompson (I’m skipping out the bit where I went from camelCase to dash-seperation).

What I’m doing now.

I’m still specifying categories in a linear fashion, except it’s more a case of multiple categories instead of sub categories. Sub categories are now separated with a colon eg web-comic:Ctrl+Alt+Del parody:game-series:GTA:San-Andreas parody:gaming:censorship:Jack-Thompson.

What this means.

I’ve got over 300 bookmarks on to go through, so I still haven’t finished yet. After I’m finished, the parsing that foxylicious does should result in a filing system which mirrors the one I use anyway.

It also means that eventually I can move my bookmarks onto, and use my computer as a backup of my account, instead of the other way around.

The refiling I started today:

Today out of nowhere I started refiling all the parody tags. In issue 80 of Applegeeks, they parody Batman and his . In this case, Batman is a sub-category of parody, so I entered a tag for that page as parody:Batman. The issue itself is referring to Batman’s ridiculous , so that was entered as a separate tag as opposed to a sub-category of parody:Batman.


Now I’m not too sure if this is the intended use for the service, as a limitation of their service means searching for Batman will not bring up any of my bookmarks. I’m not too sure why that is, but I’m not really intending my bookmarks to be read by anyone else than me. I just don’t care if other people do read them.

Firefox hacks + Google Suggest

July 29, 2005
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Hacking Google Suggest

To enable in the location bar, first go into about:config and enter google.suggest into the filter. Change the setting google.suggest.useForLocationBar to true and copy the value from to google.suggest.serviceURL.location. To copy the value, right click on, and select Modify.

Now restart and you can start using the service with the I’m Feeling Lucky feature that you’d normally find when searching from the location bar. Enjoy!!


The problem with this ‘hack‘, and probably the reason why has disabled it by default is that it interferes with the history drop down in the location bar. So use with caution.

Stumbleupon, Firefox, and Google

July 28, 2005

Stumbleupon is great, but dumb.

Months and months ago (too many to remember, damn zinc) I started using the . Occasionally there’s a few easily solved hiccups, like having to configure my firewall, or me forgetting my password. The dumb part is that you can’t change the options in the toolbar unless you’re signed in. I’ll tell you why thats dumb later.

Enter Google.

Which feed it was exactly escapes me right now, but the other day I read in my news and blogs that had released a few extensions for . The one that interested me the most was the extension, which brings the functionality of Google Suggest direct to . I’ll let tell you what it does.

Google is dumb.

Now I don’t know whether this is ‘s fault, but I had to refresh the page after having to manually add the site to the list of sites that are allowed to install extensions. I also had to manually download then install it.

Is Google evil ?, part 1.

Shortly after installing the extension, I began having problems with the software update feature in . The progress either froze when checking, or failed entirely, stopping other extensions from recieving updates becase the google extension couldn’t be updated.

Is Google evil ?, part 2.

So eventually I recieve word via that a new version of the toolbar has been released. I uninstalled the old one, installed the new one, and lo and behold, it appears as if Google lets rip a small piece of hell on my Firefox installation. A bunch of the preferences, if not all where reset to factory settings, and StumbleUpon disapeared.

Why StumbleUpon is dumb

Once the toolbar disapeared, my first reaction was to change the position of the toolbar via the Tools>Extensions>(select stumbleupon)>Options window. Except I couldn’t do that, because you have to be signed into StumbleUpon to alter settings (like I said, a bunch of preferences were wiped). Only I couldn’t sign in because the toolbar wouldn’t appear. That is why StumbleUpon is dumb.

My solution to the disapearing toolbar

A thought struck me, I had an idea that I could use the about:config thing in to manaully change the position of the toolbar. So I went in, used the about:config filter to find the StumbleUpon prefs, changed stumble.toolbar-position from stumbleupon to address, restarted Firefox, and there it was. I checked about:config and it looks like StumbleUpon set the location back to stumbleupon upon reboot fixing the whole problem.

This solution to the common disapearing StumbleUpon toolbar may not work for others, as there were other factors involved (like evil google opening a portal to hell up ‘s ass). Do not mess about with about:config unless you know what you’re doing. Or if you don’t give a shit. But preferably only if you know what you’re doing.

PS: I must stress that I can’t entirely be certain that Google was at fault for causing the problem. It could’ve been Microsoft’s shoddy software that was running on :-P. Seriously though, while I’m good with computers I’m no technical expert, I’m just telling you what appeared to have happened. Also, If you have have try the , which adds a nice, simple but elegant touch to the firefox address and search bars.

Template changes

July 25, 2005
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Code Tweaking

Not that anybody comes and reads this, but those of you that do may have noticed some alterations to the . Over the next several days, I’ll be altering my template more and more so it fits my tastes better.

The Sidebar

I’ve added the google adsense ads to the site, I mean I may as well. If you don’t like that I’ve included the ads, I suggest you get a copy of and the . I do plan to eventually replace this with my own ad software (I’m talking months here) once I get around to shifting my blog off the blogger service.

Yet again, not that anybody comes and notices, but I hadn’t finished the section, showing what comics I read. After rediscovering the fantastic service, I decided to post the link to my feed on their service.

If like me, you read lots of at once, then you may find it a waste of time filing the bookmarks and going back to see if there’s a new issue. A few have syndication feeds, most don’t, and even those that do don’t work as you’d expect. In the cases where you find that a doesn’t have a feed, or it doesn’t work as you’d expect, is your saviour. Once you’ve signed up, you can search for your favourite web comics, and add these to your . The limit just got bumped up from 20 to 40 (although I don’t think I’m allowed to tell anyone). Imposes this limit to prevent other nefarious services from using the service, taking advantage of all their hard work.

The Google Bar

I thought to myself, if I’m going to put the adsense service on, I may as well put the google bar on. Simple as that really. It’ll probably stay there for a while, maybe later in the year I’ll enable the search this site option.

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