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Adam Linden is the worst example of customer support I’ve ever come across

May 10, 2006
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Yeah that’s right.

I’m not allowed into Second Life for another 12 hours, because Adam Linden took offense at my inability to express myself full with the english language, and the other psycological problems I have that affect my inter-personal skills. Like someone not accepting an apology because I’m not expressing it a way that they understand. Last time I checked, any member of a company should be kind and curteous to a customer support, and fob them off with pleasentness rather than insulting them and demonstrating a lack of self restraint.

I do not appreciate having a panic attack triggered because some stupid prick didn’t take into account that I have psychological problems that affect my inter-personal interaction. I’ve no idea if my panic attack is caused through the anger from being insulted in such a petty way, or being agorophobic and suddenly getting a massive wave of claustraphobia because my only means of dealing with my agophobia was stripped away from me. Fuck You Adam. Fuck You.

You might remember Adam Linden as the prick who has ignored my medical problems before.


Account of personal feelings and experiences with Adam Linden. No logs can be provided this time due to my getting booted. Expletives used as syntactically correct expressions of emotion.

Post Scripts and Edits:

PS: comments are open to all, and will be posted uncensored once I recieve notification of them, so you’re welcome to post your personal view of events once you read this Adam. I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong, or letting both sides of a story be viewed uncensored.

PS: for future reference- don’t ever try to use a graphics tablet during a panic attack.
it’s near impossble to work through the shakes and degraded hand-eye co-ordination.

PS: The other Lindens I’ve dealt with, including Hamlet before he was Hamlet Au have all managed to deal with my problems by fobbing me off with pleasentness, or catching me at a receptive time. The aftermath of a griefer attack is not a receptive time.

Note to all Lindens and other SL residents: if you ever catch me at a bad time, gauge my previous responses and make one of the following choices to get rid of me:

  1. fob me off with pleasantness.
  2. make me come to my senses using the following phrase “it seems I’ve caught you at a bad time, I’ll leave you till you’ve calmed down”.
  3. Distract me into another mindset with a humorous link or a non-patronising intellectual/technical question.

This panic attack ranks higher than the reaction I had when I was locked in my flat for three hours because some vandal stole the pin between the door handles, preventing the handle from turning the bolt that holds the door shut.

Advantage to having a broken ADSL connection: is a good reason not to have purchased a premium account.

Symptoms of reaction:
  • Increased heart rate (I tend to go dizzy and get blurred vision for several seconds when I stand up sometimes).
  • Full Body shakes (level usually only experienced with extreme cold).
  • Aggrevated joint paint (lovely little joint disorder similar to a mild case of arthritis, is still bloody painful).
  • Tinnitus triggered/sense of hearing heightend (I’m sensitive to extreme ranges of sound, so if it goes overkill I’m thankfull I’ve got a new PC with quiet fans and a powerful stero that can drown out all the ambient noise of the neighbours and cars driving past on the motorway).
  • Depression triggered (getting stripped of your only ability to manage your Agorophobia tends to do that).
  • Paranoia triggered. How am I supposed to know the difference between getting booted out of SL because the sim went down and petty revenge ?


Please note that although the situation was resolved, and I bear no ill feelings towards Adam Linden, I’m still leaving the post up.

Contest Cancelled

December 11, 2005
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Too many idiots to deal with.

There’s too many people to deal with cos everyone seems to want to fuck everything up. Moving home is annoying.

The draft rules will remain on the blog, but DO NOT CONTACT ME IN SL ABOUT THEM. I’m sick of people sending me messages about the bloody rules when I always tell them leave comments on the fricking blog.

The Government Are Arseholes

November 17, 2005
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or Why I’ve missed Uni.

Here’s the situation: I need medication otherwise I have to be in constant pain all day.

Here’s the problem: I can’t afford to buy my prescriptions.

Here’s why the Government are Arseholes: The people from the NHS told me that the Government has a fixed limit across all courses for how much they think students should be spending on books (not materials or software or hardware), regardless of what course they are on.

Here’s what this means to me: According to what the Government think I need to spend on books (not materials or software or hardware) I am earning more money than I need, even though my only source of income is my Student Loans. It also means I have to pay for pretty much any medical thing I’d get off the NHS (although some of it is subsidised I still have to pay money), and I have pay for the full amount of my prescriptions.

Why I can’t afford to pay for my prescriptions:

  1. Arriva fucked up and sent me my bus pass about 2 weeks late, then failed to send out the plastic sleeve it goes in
    • This resulted in me missing my NERAC assessment.
    • This also resulted in me missing about a week of Uni because I had to buy tickets the previous weeks when I was expecting my pass to arrive.
    • Note that they only sent me my bus pass when I complained to them several times (on the phone and email) about not getting it.
  2. Novatech screwed up my order- the whole thing with having to wait over a month for them to send out a working laptop.
    • The stress from this made me ill enough to miss a few days from Uni.
    • They’re still giving me the run around with regards to further refunds.
    • I would not recommend ever buying anything from Novatech unless you lived in Portsmouth, as it’d be cheaper to get your stuff by walking into the shop, cheaper to get it fixed, and cheaper to get them to listen to you. In fact I wouldn’t recommend getting anything from them at all.
    • *Had to spend money on phone calls needlessly.

Hassle with Student Loans & Grants

October 3, 2005
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2 Weeks now and counting.

The LEA originally told me that my payment was due on the 19th September. Now 2 weeks on and I haven’t received a single payment or any official word as to why it has been delayed. Aside from the fact I don’t think the LEA don’t like me very much, this delay apparently isn’t there fault, as there are multiple parties involved in the process of getting the money to me:

  • The LEA.
  • The SLC.
  • The bank of the SLC (NatWest apparently although I can’t swear to it).
  • The University of Sunderland.
  • My Bank.
  • Me.
  • . So as you can see there’s the rough order of things. One of them screwed up. I don’t trust the LEA (the payment is being made direct to my bank account so my distrust of Royal Mail doesn’t come into it), and my bank has screwed up before, so it’ll be fun to see who’s fault it is. Oh and it can’t be mine as I’ve given the correct details and finished with all the forms.

    If it does turn out to be the LEA that is responsible even after they denied it, I’ll post the evidence that shows why I think they don’t like me. There doesn’t appear to be a privacy statement in the emails, so my understanding of the law is they don’t have a leg to stand on if I post them (emails, totally pointless attachments) on my personal site/blog.

    LEA lied. GRRR.

    September 20, 2005
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    LEA lied about my money.

    So on my payment schedule it says I was supposed to get paid on Monday. Loada beep. It turns out that students don’t get their money till a whole 5 days after they’ve registered at their Uni. Unfortunatly for everyone at , students are registering on different dates according to the course they’re studying. Our friend Syn registered on Monday, my girlfriend registered today, and I register on Thursday.

    So my girlfriend gets her LEA money earlier (and a bigger pile of cash as well), and I get mine around next Thursday. One the plus side, Student Union Vice President Lindsay McLeod (no relation to the ) will be sorting me out with a card holder for my card on Thursday, so my little purchase a while back won’t be going waste :-).

    I’m working on getting myself sorted with a digicam so I can take photos for the Union during the Fresher’s Party @ the on Friday. The current situation is that they have to ask for students to send their own pictures in, and hope they’re of good enough quality and quantity to use on the site & magazine.

    I’m also working on helping out the Union in general, going on my track record of getting work for pimping my talents for free. Such work in the past resulted in the aCMS I wrote for Connexions County Durham. That, and the other stuff I’ve done pretty much got me into Uni (pretty good considering I didn’t have enough UCAS points with that totally unrelated BND Popular Music degree).


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