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Blogger Migration pt5

September 28, 2005
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Migration progress.

After those server time-out problems appeared to have gone away, I’ve managed to get all my posts up to July migrated. Still crap loads to go though.

Delays in migration progress.

The fairly large amount of posts was always going to be a problem, but I keep forgetting to adjust header values to fit with the template I’m using here. Can’t wait for the XHTML 2 all-purpose header tag. Early posts used an <h1> tag in the post below an <h3> tag in published output and later posts used a more semantic <h4>. What was an <h4> is now an <h3>.

Let’s not forget ISP screw ups and intermittent service outages.

My problem with’s HTML filtering system.

The little ‘security’ feature they have in place means I can’t use <dfn> tags for my potentiallyOffensive coding experiment (you’ll read more about potentiallyOffensive experiment when I get the posts migrated), and also cause problem with my class=”hidden” and class=”offscreen” coding experiments.


It’s a little experiment relating to censorship, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

class=”hidden” & class=”offscreen”.

Personally I hate seeing full stops at the end of lists and header tags- <dt> and <th> included. The reason I put them there in the first place is back when I was working for Connexions, I was experimenting with some screen reader software, and the dumb piece of crap didn’t put a pause after each header or <li> tag in the navigation list. So I had to put full stops in the <li> tags, but hide them from view. Thus class=”hidden” was born (yes I realise other people may use it, but that was when I first used it). More recently I’ve needed to have some full stops (or other text) be hidden in @media screen, projection etc, and apparent in @media print, aural, braille, embossed, and others hidden in just @media screen, print, projection, handheld etc. Thus class=”offscreen” was born (early posts in Blogspot used class=”hidden”, later ones used class=”offscreen”).

However I have noticed that the code disappeared between manual coding (I don’t like WYSIWYG editors) and publishing.


Going to Uni (plus semantic experiment)

August 3, 2005
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That’s right, as I’ve mentioned in various places on the net, I am goin to in September to study BSc for four years.

Continuing my education.

As I just said, I’ll be going to for four years. Hopefully it’ll be an improvement upon the poor experience I had at college (those who know me know which one, and those who know me best know exactly why, rumours/b.s. aside), and the altogether hazy experience I had at school which (apparently according to popular belief) was not due to any drug taking of any kind. Just cos I looked stoned don’t mean I was.

According to people I talked to in the Admissions department (if I remember correctly), normally you get put on for the 3 year course, so I had to get myself switched over to the 4 year sandwich course. I did this on purpose as I believe it would give me the best educational experience possible. I’m a patient person most of the time, so I’m in no rush to leave education behind me. Education is an on-going process and I don’t see the point in skimping on the process.

Extra happiness.

Luckily, my girlfriend of 18+ months will also be going to the same University- right next door to where I’ll be studying in fact. Unfortunately, due to a combination of stereotypical boyfriend behaviour and my medical thingies I keep forgetting what it was that she will be studying. What I do remember is that my intelligent sexy girlfriend got DDD in her Art BND, Fine Art methinx (yes, again subject forgotten- I’ll see if I can encourage her to get her own blog so she can tell you herself), and along with a lot of other students, my girlfriend is awaiting her A level result as the beautiful stress ball decided to take on the extra strain of studying for an A level at the same time as her BND. She got her AS results last year, which were fantastic (as is to be expected).

The semantic experiment.

The experiment I’m referring to is part of my on going template-fiddling. Instead of using <h1> tags as the top-level header in my posts, I’m using <h4> after examining the semantics of the source code in the published posts.

Coming soon to a blog right in front of you, template alteration

August 2, 2005
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Waiting for problems to be fixed.

I’ve emailed the support team for a certain website asking for them to fix a problem with their feed generator before I add it to my list of feeds. It is a major problem, and while the feed information is all there, I don’t want to take the chance that other people will get the same problem I’m having.

More template alterations cont.

I corrected a few general spelling mistakes, added missing MIME type attributes to the feed links, and corrected a spelling mistake that allowed the evil Post Office to steal what little page rank my blog has. Silly me.

More template updates

July 29, 2005
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Template Changes.

Code tweaking.

Changed the rel attribute in the feed link, removing the alternate value just cos I felt like it. Oh and probably shouldn’t be there as it isn’t an alternate representation of this blog. Feed link for this blog is an alternate representation and has been amended as such.



Moved the feed link into a new section Syndication Feeds, added link to feed for this blog.


Added to the list of webcomics.

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