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someone been emailing

March 14, 2006
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Blog stats thing.

I was checking over the referral urls section on my blog stats and it seems someone emailed a link to my blog to someone on yahoo. weird.

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3 Month Backlog of photos. Plussed I’m pissed off.

January 15, 2006
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I hate trying to get things done on a windows box.

Backlog of photos.

I had a 3 month back log of photos I took within Second Life to upload to my flickr account. It’s taken me about 2-3 hours to convert, tag, title, and describe every photo.

The photos of me at Mac World and the polluting Prim rig are up.

Pissed off.

Can’t access my uni files for some reason, and the windows box took a hissy fit this morning, making it really difficult to do anything.

Flickr: too late to complain guys

October 24, 2005
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They’ve had long enough.

Ages ago I uploaded a bunch of photos from college onto my Flickr account, and told some of the people from college to get on and check them out, and spread the word to the others about them. I kept them set to private for the purpose of allowing them time to request them to be removed. Time’s up I’m afraid.

Judging by their slow reaction, I’m not going to bother keeping the photos private next time I upload them, I’ll just have to get a premium account so that I can have all the photos at once. There’s more than the basic account allows for and i want to be able to see all of them at once.

Forgot to add: the link to the photos is Flickr tag EDHCC.

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David Goldman Informatics Centre 640×480

October 10, 2005
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David Goldman Informatics Centre 640x480
David Goldman Informatics Centre 640×480,
originally uploaded by SignpostMarv.

First photo of Uni, although technically I didn’t take it- at least not in the sense of holding the camera.

Technically it’s the second, but the first one sucked.

Bug fixing

July 11, 2005
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Bug Fixing.

I’ve fixed some bugs with the Gender switching options (I never used them myself, just set them on the initial search.)

I’ve added options to change the online status of the search as well, and discovered a nasty bug.

The nasty bug.

I’ve found a problem where if the relevant part of the query string isn’t actually present, it just doesn’t work.

What I’m going to do about it.

Nothing at the moment, everything else works fine. I’m not releasing the new version until I hear complaints that the problems with the old version is actually causing people problems.

Once I start receiving complaints (use the comments for feedback), I’ll get around to fixing the annoying bug, and add the feature of being able to bypass the starting search page altogether. Oh yeah, and I’ll get around to making it so when you alter the search it takes you to the first page of results.

Workarounds for now.

Simply set the gender at the beginning of your search as usual, I don’t think that many people would need to change the gender in the middle of the search anyway. Same with changing the online status. For those of you who won’t do that but won’t complain either, male gender is set with &.g=1 female is set with &.g=2 no gender is set with &.g=0 online only is set with &.ol=y .

When the new version gets released, online & offline status will be set with &.ol=n ,even though that doesn’t actually do anything on the yahoo side.

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For those of you with firefox…..

April 1, 2005
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How to import the bookmarklets.

Download the latest collection of yahoo favelets (yes, there’ll be more to come when I get around to it), then import using the Bookmarks Manager. For best ease-of-use, move the newly imported Yahoo folder to your Bookmarks Toolbar Folder. I did a nasty edit of the exported bookmarks document, although Firefox 1.0.2 win32 has no probs importing the manually edited document.

Also note that I have no idea how geocities interferes with the code, as I make use of the to stop the scripts from running. If you don’t have the extension installed, I’d strongly suggest you try it. It’s brilliant, frees up screen space, and speeds up site access a bit since I’m still on dial-up access.


April 1, 2005
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Yahoo Bookmarklets.

Following the advice of Simon Willison I’ve created this little blog in order to let people know about a bunch of favelets I wrote for Yahoo. I’m coding favelets primarily for use on the member profiles search, but I’ve yet to finish the complete set.

I don’t really have time to post them at the moment, but expect to see them within the next few hours.

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