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Cast List for Life in the Pen created

December 11, 2005
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Cast list for SL webcomic Life in the Pen.

Well I got Jezebella confused with Brigette for some reason, but the cast list is finally up.

There’s only myself, Kirara, frankenson and Jezebella up their at the moment but hopefully that should expand as Life in the Pen goes on.

First issue of “Life in the Pen”, “Photos” is up

December 11, 2005
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Kirara Proudfoot got around to uploading the first issue.

The first issue is up, take a look at it on Kirara’s WordPress blog.

I’m in the first frame. Yay! :-)

Made a mistake, it’s Jezebella Desmoulins, not Brigette Javelin in the first issue.

The photos of That lesbian sex session are up.

December 4, 2005
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Well, at least the first 16 are.

The first 16 photos of the lesbian sex session mentioned in the first issue of Life In the Pen have been uploaded to my flickr account.

That’s just under half of the photos. I’ve got to re-sort the order of them, cos Flickr haven’t fixed their useless uploader yet.

Life in the Pen

November 30, 2005
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Kirara’s new blog.

Polite, well behaved (yet occasionally naughty) gorean trained slavegirl Kirara Proudfoot accepted my invite to so that she would have a place to post her web/SL comic ‘Life in the Pen’, in which my SL avatar stars in the first frame of the first issue :-) yay for me :-).

Kirara hasn’t posted it yet, but check over at Life in the Pen every now and again for updates.

Lovely Megagear Goodness!!

August 2, 2005
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The package arrived!!

A few days ago I wrote about my shopping order from . It finally arrived this morning !!.

Surprise from the postal service.

As I said before, the delivery was a little late, but to my welcome surprise, there was no customs charge! Yet more happiness :-).

What I’m doing with my lovely goods.

I’m now proudly wearing my around my neck (I’ve got my keys hanging from it), the bell annoying my mother whenever I move :-P. I just finished reading , it was really great to read the old issues again, as well as the new Endgames material. However, until I get myself a , I’m a bit stuck as to what to do with the as I’d look a bit stupid with all of them attached to my , so I’ve got & on my t-shirt, and & on my .

More template updates

July 29, 2005
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Template Changes.

Code tweaking.

Changed the rel attribute in the feed link, removing the alternate value just cos I felt like it. Oh and probably shouldn’t be there as it isn’t an alternate representation of this blog. Feed link for this blog is an alternate representation and has been amended as such.



Moved the feed link into a new section Syndication Feeds, added link to feed for this blog.


Added to the list of webcomics.

To-do list

Megatokyo Megagear coming soon to my waiting hands (No thanks to PayPal or the Postal Service)

July 28, 2005
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Shopping on Megagear.

About a week or so ago, I attempted to purchase of the and . I was previously aware of the slight problem non-US users face when buying stuff from , first through the (which I find to be frustrating with regards to updates on comic issues, so I supplement the with Comic Alert feed), and secondly for my repeat visits to the store, drooling (well not literally) over some of their .

When I finally had enough money spare to actually buy of , I did a search on the store in Newcastle (they have branches elsewhere) that I bought volumes and from. I won’t tell you who they are, as quite frankly I’m pissed off that they still don’t list any of the books on their site, even after I complained to them when I bought from them (I bought a few weeks later)- chances are if you’ve been to Newcastle you’ll probably know it anyway. Ramble. Getting back to the point, I was kind of annoyed with when they wouldn’t let me use my Visa Electron card as payment, even though their site specifically says that they accept Electron cards as payment. So I tried to use their bank fund option, which is basically a direct debit from my account (one form of digital transaction from the same account not good enough for them?), appreciating that this would take a while longer to clear I sent an email off who runs the admin side of things over at .

So a day or so ago I get an email back from saying that (quite understandably) my order had been cancelled as the payment hadn’t cleared yet. I didn’t really have a problem with this, and I could appreciate the order needing to be cancelled as I wouldn’t want to be the cause of someone else missing out on getting their hands on a copy of of .

Anywayz, after checking the technobabble regarding ‘s bank funding, I figured out the date the verification would clear would be the 28th, so during the first break of the 1000th gate trip episode of SG1, I rushed upstairs, loaded up , put my bank in one tab, in another, and in the third. After the browser locking up during the first break (win98’s crappy memory management when using multiple applications fault, not the fault of ) I returned during the second break and completed everything in one go.

So now I just have to wait patiently for a note from the saying they need to . I don’t like the post office. grr. Unless of course by some miracle they deliver it straight to my door, in which case they’ll probably still leave a note to as I’ll either be out or asleep when it gets delivered. No 9am deliveries where I live any more. stupid not having enough staff to deliver on time any more. grumble.

The only thing that can cancel my order is the UK economy taking a steep dive in the next 3 days or the US economy making a sharp rise (the “great American dollar” is even weaker than the Euro at the mo’, shows how good that is). Obviously that won’t be happening. (hopefully)

PS: Note that I did do a on , but decided it was better to support directly even though I would have to pay shipping and customs duty of around £4 for the privilege. As well as being the only place I know of that sells the rest of the merchandise I purchased. Direct support was still the main factor though.

Template changes

July 25, 2005
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Code Tweaking

Not that anybody comes and reads this, but those of you that do may have noticed some alterations to the . Over the next several days, I’ll be altering my template more and more so it fits my tastes better.

The Sidebar

I’ve added the google adsense ads to the site, I mean I may as well. If you don’t like that I’ve included the ads, I suggest you get a copy of and the . I do plan to eventually replace this with my own ad software (I’m talking months here) once I get around to shifting my blog off the blogger service.

Yet again, not that anybody comes and notices, but I hadn’t finished the section, showing what comics I read. After rediscovering the fantastic service, I decided to post the link to my feed on their service.

If like me, you read lots of at once, then you may find it a waste of time filing the bookmarks and going back to see if there’s a new issue. A few have syndication feeds, most don’t, and even those that do don’t work as you’d expect. In the cases where you find that a doesn’t have a feed, or it doesn’t work as you’d expect, is your saviour. Once you’ve signed up, you can search for your favourite web comics, and add these to your . The limit just got bumped up from 20 to 40 (although I don’t think I’m allowed to tell anyone). Imposes this limit to prevent other nefarious services from using the service, taking advantage of all their hard work.

The Google Bar

I thought to myself, if I’m going to put the adsense service on, I may as well put the google bar on. Simple as that really. It’ll probably stay there for a while, maybe later in the year I’ll enable the search this site option.

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