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An update on the bad customer service experiences

February 2, 2007
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Endsleigh Insurance

  1. They lost the charger again.
  2. They canceled my claim with Lakeside (the peeps who handle their electricals claims) without my permission or without following their own procedures (the member of staff didn’t leave their name with Lakeside).
  3. They claimed to have sent me a letter advising me to contact the Police to report the charger stolen.
  4. I finally received the damn charger, and now I’m just waiting to get my iBook back from upgrades ^_^


  1. OTELO seemed to have lost the email confirming my acceptance of their final decision 2 months ago, and have only just this week contacted Toucan.
  2. Toucan have 28 days to:
    • Issue a letter of apology
    • Refund the difference between the 1MB and 2MB plans for the duration of my usage of their service for failing to confirm my line was able to support the 2MB (ignoring the fact my line never had any problem supporting 2MB ADSL, but that’s Toucan’s reason for the problems they caused)
    • Issue a “goodwill credit” of £45
    • Correct the packet loss and connection problems with in 4 weeks
    • If they can’t fix the problems that they’ve been causing for over a year, they let me out of my contract. Which is due to expire soon anyway because the problem has been going on for so long…..

A catchup with the annoying people

September 25, 2006
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Royal Mail
An official complaint has been filed regarding the delivery person’s inability to press a buzzer. “Flat Lock”. Of course the front door to the flat was locked, it’s meant to stop people from wandering in off the street. You see those shiny buttons with numbers on ? You press them to talk to the person living at the relevant address. Grrr.
Endsleigh Insurance
The quest to have my iBook charger replace is still on going, as the situation stands, 1 of 3 situations have occured:

  • Lakeside had a clerical error asking me to send them the charger and just haven’t sent a replacement. Since June.
  • The staff at Endsleigh Insurance Durham lost the charger. Again.
  • The staff at Endsleigh Insurance Durham were lying when they said they had found the charger the last time it went missing.
I’m currently waiting for a call back due in the next 5-10 minutes.
My complaint is being handeled through OTELO

Diaries of the Possesed: On hold indefinately

July 19, 2006
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As you may have noticed….

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been writing these for a while. Basically what happened is I went through a depressive sink, stopped playing NwN, then started playing again on one character, went through another depressive sink, then started playing again and worked through one or two depressive sinks on that character. I’ve been through the original campaign, SoU, and I’m quite close to finishing chapter two of HotU.

I doubt that I’ll ever be “finishing” these diaries in the traditional sense. Perhaps if I ever get my hands on NwN 2, I’ll have gotten the charger for my iBook by then and I’ll be able to multi-task blogging much easier. Of course, I could just as easily do some script-fu and hack apart the custom journal entries and blog there, but the chances of that happening are just as likely as a replacement iBook charger arriving tomorrow along with a new iBook as an apology.

I’ll be coming for you next, Endsleigh.

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