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yeah, like that’s going to happen

February 7, 2006

Disable Firefox features ?

My 3D Design and Animation lecturer reckons he’ll be able to disable firefox’s text zoom feature on his “widescreen” site. Ha. Ha I say. Like I think I told him, the only way to do that would either be easy to reverse or done as an extension to firefox. So basically, pretty impossible to do.

His site by the way, uses iframes for layout and flash for navigation. Ha.


Annoyed at the thing I have to get taught at University.

November 28, 2005
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Aside from restructuring into semantic (X)HTML, this post appears as it does in the post I made on the Uni message board. Damn WebCT sucks.

obsolete/incorrect info in session 10 power point presentation

I am annoyed and frustrated about being taught obsolete and semantically incorrect techniques.

  1. Frames generally create accessibility, as well as usability problems; they should be avoided, and if scrolling content is needed, div tags with the overflow specified in CSS will fix that problem.
  2. Styles should be applied to tables with CSS, not (X)HTML attributes.
  3. Internet Explorer uses an invalid DOM.
  4. div and span tags aren’t so much layers as blank elements intended to be styled by the designer or end user. span tags can be made into block level elements and div tags can be made into inline elements, as can pretty much every other (X)HTML element.
  5. Since IE uses an invalid DOM, code should be written for everything else (the stuff thats standard based) first, and IE second. Or just Firefox, as IE is a big obsolete waste of time.
  6. Layers and Tables do not reduce the accesibility of web pages to visualy impaired users. It is the incompetent implementation of layers and tables that makes them inaccessible.
  7. Tables should not be used to control layout of a document. That’s a waste of code and creates accessibility problems, unless you know what you’re doing. Then it’s just a waste of code.
  8. Nested layers are good, nested tables are really, really bad.
  9. CSS permits user defined formating of any XML object.
  10. CSS can be applied to ANY (X)HTML object
  11. CSS files do not have to be stored with a .CSS extension. Web browsers couldn’t care less what it’s called as long as it is written in CSS. Preferably valid. Preferably without IE’s invalid bloat.
  12. Fixed pixel fonts should never be used. They are inaccesible, and should only ever ever be used if the design of a page requires it, in which case, alternate stylesheets should be provided. Many websites do this out of courtesy for their users. IE’s text zoom facilities suck. That is a syntacticalyl correct statement.
  13. CSS is not a dynamic language, it does not update all pages it is associated with, the changes are only reflected once the relevant pages have been refreshed in the browser.
  14. Most of Macromedia’s DHTML implementations create invalid javascript code.

more cool games found via Jay Bibby

July 25, 2005
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Scary as shit.

If you’re a fan of things like the , and those 60’s horror films starring , you’ll probably either love or be in need of fresh underwear after playing Exmortis. Big props to the creator, .

I know I should probably cut down on the frequency of these updates with regards to the games I’m playing, so I’ll try to restrain myself and suggest again you go take a look at the on ‘s .

deviantART & Jay Bibby

July 25, 2005
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Flash games are fun.

I’ve just been playing on a bunch of the on ‘s . One game of note is by contributor . My highest score on so far is 1730

On another note, I’m finding ‘s reviews and games page a whole lot useful than some other listing pages, possibly more so than , mainly due over that ‘s has.

Grow RPG v0.1b Game Guide

July 25, 2005

Happy accidents.

After finding of a for another , which I had played a day or so ago made in , involving the placement of so that they don’t cross each other. Can’t seem to find that one.
Anyway, on with the guide (contains s:

Item One.
The red-roofed building. This eventually grows into a lumber mill. The lumber mill produces a jetty and boat in it’s penultimate and final growth stages.
Item Two.
The Tree. This eventualy grows into a sprawling forest, as well as spawning a large individual tree in its final growth stags. It also bears bombs as it’s fruit which are used later.
Item Three.
The green-roofed building. This eventually grows into a large fortress, and in its final growth stage is used as the launching point for a battle with the purple dragon spawned from the purple blob.
Item Four.
The blue square of Water. This fills up the holes in the landscape created by the red demon. As well as giving the jetty to go and the boat to sail on.
Item Five.
The style building, bottom right of the selection list.
Item Six.
The Rock. I’m not exactly sure what function this takes in the RPG mode of the game, but it does indeed grow.
Item Seven.
The Treasure Chest. A mountain erupts from beneath it, sending it pretty much straight into it’s final growth stage in one go.
Item Eight.
The flight of Stairs. Last object to be placed, easiest to max out. This creates a two-room dungeon in the RPG mode.

PS: If you haven’t checked it already, I suggest visiting blog for info on some great games, as well as general gaming news. I just noticed actually covers the game I was looking for in the first place!

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