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Yay for stupidity

July 25, 2006
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Stupidity on my part:

I locked myself out of the flat, not 10 seconds after I had my keys in my hands.

Stupidity on the part of others:

Whoever it is working on the flat upstairs left the back door to the flat open, so I managed to let myself back in.

More Joys of living in a Council flat

May 13, 2006
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Plumber is lazy (understandably, but still pisses me off)

  1. Tap drips
  2. Tap won’t stop running
  3. Marv calls repairs department
  4. Plumber calls Marv
  5. Plumber won’t come out because it’s half 2 in the morning
  6. Plumber gives the job to the guy on the next shift
  7. Marv has to put up with no hot water and a tap running constantly for at least 5 hours

As a side note:

  • Marv has no clean clothes because the council won’t fit the taps required to hook up a washing machine, and Marv can’t afford to have the work done himself (and he’s not wanting to take the risk of doing it himself)
  • Marv is limited to cooking food in a microwave because even though they have the qualified workers at their disposal, they refuse to do the installation work that Currys could have done if the council had the connections before I moved in


I’ve been waiting since 2:30am to get my tap fixed. It doesn’t appear it’ll be fixed till 10am. Because the plumber on call at 2:30am didn’t want to come fix my tap because it was 2:30am.

The Joys of living in a Council flat

April 25, 2006

No Washer, No Cooker.

Currys came to deliver my dual-fuel cooker and my washing machine today (I was expecting to celebrate by sharing an oven-cooked pizza with my gf tonight- finally getting a chance to use the Homer Simpson pizza cutter), and it turns out that they can’t fit the cooker (or the eletric part at least) because there’s no spur box (something that apparently goes between the wall and the switch on the wall that seems to have been removed), and they can’t fit the washing machine because there’s no taps on the pipes and no suitable waste pipe outlet thingy.

Let me let out a sarcastic w00t.

Windows Migration pt13/ Apple Migration pt1/House Migration pt1

December 2, 2005
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My dealings with Novatech are now complete.

The refund has been received. I won’t be shopping with them again.

Information from sources.

My sources tell me 3 Novatech laptops went up for sale recently on eBay. They said that the laptops possibly were (the previous 2 fault ones, plus the final one i sent back) mine, and that they’ll be looking into it. I don’t think there’s anything dodgy going on, it’s just an interesting thing to find. Apparently not many people want to keep their Novatech laptops once they’re done with them, but Novatech will try to take yours off you before you are.

Apple Migration: I am now using an Apple iBook for the first time.

A friend of mine sourced me an iBook. Tweaked to the core. This baby will last a full days’ study on a single charge, and a whole day if I do bugger all. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Novatech, laptop batteries do last more than two hours on a single charge when they’re used for things as simple as recording audio and word processing.

I’ll be keeping it till I get a new one next term.

I’ll be moving into my own place.

So I’ll be moving into my own place soon. Yay for me. I sign for the keys on Monday, assuming the guy from the Uni did what I asked him and he emailed the people.

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