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A break from MMO play

August 1, 2005
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Taking a break.

I stopped playing a while ago, after getting tired of the whole random disconnections thing. I’ve totally stopped playing , as I was just sick and tired of the lag, the servers being unavailable, poor translation, obvious errors in the NPC scripts. I’m also pissed off that I can’t cancel my account cos of an error with their servers. Stupid ASP.

Also, as I think I mentioned I point blankly dropped another MMO because it kept crashing on me, and as you may have gathered from recent posts I’ve been playing single player Flash games a whole lot more recently anyway.

more cool games found via Jay Bibby

July 25, 2005
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Scary as shit.

If you’re a fan of things like the , and those 60’s horror films starring , you’ll probably either love or be in need of fresh underwear after playing Exmortis. Big props to the creator, .

I know I should probably cut down on the frequency of these updates with regards to the games I’m playing, so I’ll try to restrain myself and suggest again you go take a look at the on ‘s .

deviantART & Jay Bibby

July 25, 2005
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Flash games are fun.

I’ve just been playing on a bunch of the on ‘s . One game of note is by contributor . My highest score on so far is 1730

On another note, I’m finding ‘s reviews and games page a whole lot useful than some other listing pages, possibly more so than , mainly due over that ‘s has.

Grow RPG v0.1b Game Guide

July 25, 2005

Happy accidents.

After finding of a for another , which I had played a day or so ago made in , involving the placement of so that they don’t cross each other. Can’t seem to find that one.
Anyway, on with the guide (contains s:

Item One.
The red-roofed building. This eventually grows into a lumber mill. The lumber mill produces a jetty and boat in it’s penultimate and final growth stages.
Item Two.
The Tree. This eventualy grows into a sprawling forest, as well as spawning a large individual tree in its final growth stags. It also bears bombs as it’s fruit which are used later.
Item Three.
The green-roofed building. This eventually grows into a large fortress, and in its final growth stage is used as the launching point for a battle with the purple dragon spawned from the purple blob.
Item Four.
The blue square of Water. This fills up the holes in the landscape created by the red demon. As well as giving the jetty to go and the boat to sail on.
Item Five.
The style building, bottom right of the selection list.
Item Six.
The Rock. I’m not exactly sure what function this takes in the RPG mode of the game, but it does indeed grow.
Item Seven.
The Treasure Chest. A mountain erupts from beneath it, sending it pretty much straight into it’s final growth stage in one go.
Item Eight.
The flight of Stairs. Last object to be placed, easiest to max out. This creates a two-room dungeon in the RPG mode.

PS: If you haven’t checked it already, I suggest visiting blog for info on some great games, as well as general gaming news. I just noticed actually covers the game I was looking for in the first place!

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