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Adam Linden is the worst example of customer support I’ve ever come across

May 10, 2006
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Yeah that’s right.

I’m not allowed into Second Life for another 12 hours, because Adam Linden took offense at my inability to express myself full with the english language, and the other psycological problems I have that affect my inter-personal skills. Like someone not accepting an apology because I’m not expressing it a way that they understand. Last time I checked, any member of a company should be kind and curteous to a customer support, and fob them off with pleasentness rather than insulting them and demonstrating a lack of self restraint.

I do not appreciate having a panic attack triggered because some stupid prick didn’t take into account that I have psychological problems that affect my inter-personal interaction. I’ve no idea if my panic attack is caused through the anger from being insulted in such a petty way, or being agorophobic and suddenly getting a massive wave of claustraphobia because my only means of dealing with my agophobia was stripped away from me. Fuck You Adam. Fuck You.

You might remember Adam Linden as the prick who has ignored my medical problems before.


Account of personal feelings and experiences with Adam Linden. No logs can be provided this time due to my getting booted. Expletives used as syntactically correct expressions of emotion.

Post Scripts and Edits:

PS: comments are open to all, and will be posted uncensored once I recieve notification of them, so you’re welcome to post your personal view of events once you read this Adam. I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong, or letting both sides of a story be viewed uncensored.

PS: for future reference- don’t ever try to use a graphics tablet during a panic attack.
it’s near impossble to work through the shakes and degraded hand-eye co-ordination.

PS: The other Lindens I’ve dealt with, including Hamlet before he was Hamlet Au have all managed to deal with my problems by fobbing me off with pleasentness, or catching me at a receptive time. The aftermath of a griefer attack is not a receptive time.

Note to all Lindens and other SL residents: if you ever catch me at a bad time, gauge my previous responses and make one of the following choices to get rid of me:

  1. fob me off with pleasantness.
  2. make me come to my senses using the following phrase “it seems I’ve caught you at a bad time, I’ll leave you till you’ve calmed down”.
  3. Distract me into another mindset with a humorous link or a non-patronising intellectual/technical question.

This panic attack ranks higher than the reaction I had when I was locked in my flat for three hours because some vandal stole the pin between the door handles, preventing the handle from turning the bolt that holds the door shut.

Advantage to having a broken ADSL connection: is a good reason not to have purchased a premium account.

Symptoms of reaction:
  • Increased heart rate (I tend to go dizzy and get blurred vision for several seconds when I stand up sometimes).
  • Full Body shakes (level usually only experienced with extreme cold).
  • Aggrevated joint paint (lovely little joint disorder similar to a mild case of arthritis, is still bloody painful).
  • Tinnitus triggered/sense of hearing heightend (I’m sensitive to extreme ranges of sound, so if it goes overkill I’m thankfull I’ve got a new PC with quiet fans and a powerful stero that can drown out all the ambient noise of the neighbours and cars driving past on the motorway).
  • Depression triggered (getting stripped of your only ability to manage your Agorophobia tends to do that).
  • Paranoia triggered. How am I supposed to know the difference between getting booted out of SL because the sim went down and petty revenge ?


Please note that although the situation was resolved, and I bear no ill feelings towards Adam Linden, I’m still leaving the post up.

Daily News Roundup Intro (also continuing the semantic experiment)

August 5, 2005
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First of (hopefully) many.

Okay so what I mean by the hopefully there is that I have a habit to start things then not finish them for a while, or just drop them. Its a medical nature/nurture thing, with a few exceptions (19 month relationship with gf for example).

What it’s about.

I get loads and loads of information passing before my eyes and into my ears every day. Most of the useful information comes via and . Seeing as how I’m using this blog as a vent for my frustrations and ramblings, I thought it’d be a good idea to tell ya about some of the more interesting news I read.

Roundup starts in next entry.

Dumb grannies, dumb parents, dumb ERSB (Hot Coffee)

July 28, 2005
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Before you read this, I’ll let you know I wholeheartedly support developers rights to make games featuring violence and sex, as well as the right for individuals to play these games if they’re old enough, but developers rights to poorly translate games (), release crap games (pretty much anything released under the Disney name), or force said games upon the gaming world. I also don’t condone sex,violence or disturbing imagery for no good reason, which is why I find most porn amusing, and Wondershozen and to be funny in teeny tiny almost unidentifiable parts but otherwise a big pile of crap.

Dumb Grannies.

I’m not saying grannies on a whole are dumb (mine certainly isn’t), but those that decide to because they bought their 14 year old grandson a copy of , which is was rated M by the ESRB. Now I can appreciate that the 81 year old didn’t know that M for Mature means suitable for persons aged 17 and over, as I suppose she might’ve assumed M for Mature means grown up in behaviour or thinking irrespective of age. reports that she found out the game was rated M, and had the game taken off her grandson. Which is sensible.

What is dumb is that it took her till she got home to find this out. Maybe it’s her fault, maybe it’s the store’s fault for not pointing it out, maybe it’s the stupid way the ESRB rates games with letters instead of the more appropriate, legally binding way the rates games with numbers eg. not AO (which for arguments sake could mean AsshOles). In their report on the whole Hot Coffee debacle, states that the ESRB isn’t legally binding “Unlike the ESRB ratings, BBFC certificates are legally binding”.

Nobody should ever be allowed to win when suing because they bought a game for their under 17 year olds on any grounds, as it’s their own ignorance/negligence that made them buy the game in the first place, let alone purely on the grounds that it contains difficult to unlock adult content. As if drink, drugs, weapons, violence, murder, ploughing through a crowd of people with a freshly painted car isn’t adult content.

Dumb parents.

Dumb parents all over the world buy their kids things they aren’t supposed to see, whether their country’s rating system or not. To the morons (not necessarily the granny) attempting to sue purely because they bought their under 17s a game with difficult to unlock adult content: “Grow the fuck up you stupid twats, if you do manage to go to court over this, I hope DCFS takes your kids off you for treating your kids in a neglectful manner by not giving a crap what you let them watch, and not being able to understand your kids seeing people being killed arbitrarily is just as bad, if not much worse than playing sex games on your console” (DOA volleyball anyone ?)

Dumb ESRB.

A rating organisation that treats its users as too dumb to count should be disbanded. that new legislation is being considered. I hope they have the sense to make it legally binding this time. On the other hand I hope don’t go overzealous on censorship, or give a game a higher rating because of in game advertising.


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