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Second Life: Snowman Building Content Rules & Guidelines- Draft 1 | November 28, 2005

So I dug a hole for myself.

I was speaking to Mistress Ashley Petunia about any plans she had for holding an xmas/new years party similar to the one she held for Halloween. Turns out she didn’t, but then asked me (SignpostMarv Martin) if I had any suggestions. I suggested a snowman building contest. I tossed a few rules about and Mistress Ashley said I could co-ordinate it. Yay for me.

Rules & Guidelines

Library textures only.
This isn’t a rule, but point will be deducted if non-library textures are used. Point deduction for non-library textures is as follows:

  1. 1 point per non-library texture, regardless of if it is a composite of library textures.
  2. 1 point per object represented in the texture. Examples:
    • five pieces of coal on the body texture would be 6 objects- the body and the pieces of coal, deducting 6 points in total.
    • Five pieces of coal on a transparent background applied to a separate prim would only be 5 objects, resulting in a 5 point penalty.
    • transparent holes composited into a library texture count as objects.
The only exception will be the transparent texture provided by myself.
Points awarded for low prim count.
I’m basing this one off the current 117 prim per plot of land limit. For every prim under this limit, you will receive one point. Similarly, for every prim over this limit, one point will be deducted.
Points deducted for particles.
Smoking pipes may look nice, but some contestants might not know how to make smoke. If all contestants know how to use particles this rule may be rescinded in a draw.
Points deducted for scripting.
Unless you can give a bloody good reason why there’s a script in the snowman, points will be deducted on a per script file basis.
The body of the snowman must be bigger than the accessories.
This will be estimated by visual assessment, not by prim count. Should the judges think the entries are too close, calculation by volume on the body prims will be done.
The body of the snowman must be made of a majority of snow.
This is a snowman contest, not a mudman or iceman contest.
The snowman does not have to be a man. Or a woman. Or even remotely human.
Humanoid entries will be preferred. This means snowmen, snowwomen, snowkids, snowfurries, snowbots etc etc will be accepted.
Non-Humanoid entries will be allowed, but may be refused at the discretion of the judges.
Non-living entries will be refused.
No making tables. Or snowballs.
Entry, including accessories must fit inside of a 5 meter high, 10m box at 95% hollow.
This is to stop snowgiants.
Do not interfere with other entrants or their entries.
No putting contestants off in channel 0 chat or instant messenger.
One contestant per entry.
No friends helping you, no friends sending you bits of the snowman.
Entries must be made during the contest, not before.
No spending days on a brilliant snowman.

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