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Blogger Migration pt5

September 28, 2005
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Migration progress.

After those server time-out problems appeared to have gone away, I’ve managed to get all my posts up to July migrated. Still crap loads to go though.

Delays in migration progress.

The fairly large amount of posts was always going to be a problem, but I keep forgetting to adjust header values to fit with the template I’m using here. Can’t wait for the XHTML 2 all-purpose header tag. Early posts used an <h1> tag in the post below an <h3> tag in published output and later posts used a more semantic <h4>. What was an <h4> is now an <h3>.

Let’s not forget ISP screw ups and intermittent service outages.

My problem with’s HTML filtering system.

The little ‘security’ feature they have in place means I can’t use <dfn> tags for my potentiallyOffensive coding experiment (you’ll read more about potentiallyOffensive experiment when I get the posts migrated), and also cause problem with my class=”hidden” and class=”offscreen” coding experiments.


It’s a little experiment relating to censorship, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

class=”hidden” & class=”offscreen”.

Personally I hate seeing full stops at the end of lists and header tags- <dt> and <th> included. The reason I put them there in the first place is back when I was working for Connexions, I was experimenting with some screen reader software, and the dumb piece of crap didn’t put a pause after each header or <li> tag in the navigation list. So I had to put full stops in the <li> tags, but hide them from view. Thus class=”hidden” was born (yes I realise other people may use it, but that was when I first used it). More recently I’ve needed to have some full stops (or other text) be hidden in @media screen, projection etc, and apparent in @media print, aural, braille, embossed, and others hidden in just @media screen, print, projection, handheld etc. Thus class=”offscreen” was born (early posts in Blogspot used class=”hidden”, later ones used class=”offscreen”).

However I have noticed that the code disappeared between manual coding (I don’t like WYSIWYG editors) and publishing.

Blogger Migration pt4

September 27, 2005
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Problem Work-Around.

I’ve found a small work-around to the problems I was experiencing with my ISP– do the migration from Uni.

So right now I’m sitting in Cell M1 in the Info Centre, typing away in an uncomfortable position because it’s not my comfy office chair, and my shoulders are hurting (although I suspect my wrists will follow) because there are no wrists rests in the entire University. I also can’t spell check my typing as although I’m using , it’s not my computer so I don’t have all my extensions, configurations at hand.


Blogger Migration pt3

September 27, 2005
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More Problems.

It appears that my ISP has decided to be an ass again. In terms of beep beeping quality anyway. Access times to and BlogSpot were so crap today it became impossible to migrate any more posts. I’ve still got to correct a post slug as well.

Blogger Migration pt2

September 26, 2005


I have run into a problem with regards to migrating from Blogspot (boo) to WordPress (yay). and addresses appear to be unreachable from my ISP.

And just to prove I don’t need blogspot any more…..

Thankfully, blogspot had ATOM support. Which I used to read my own blog (well, mainly to keep an eye on if it’s updated properly and other experiments). This means I can grab the XHTML straight from the old feed entries in . Not as convinient as copying & pasting the code straight from <textarea> to <textarea>, but handy enough to do the job (and no more annoying messages about POST data).

Blogger Migration pt1

September 24, 2005

The Sidebar Links.

I think I migrated pretty much all the links in my Blogspot sidebar.

Now I’m going to work on manually migrating my posts over. Yes, manually. Regardless of an automatic migration tools, there are some kinks in my original posts that could conveniently be worked out in transit.

WordPress Golden Ticket !!

September 24, 2005
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I got my golden ticket !!

I’ve mentioned in the past I wanted to eventually move off of the blogger platform, because while it is a good blogging platform, it didn’t meet all my needs. I checked my email a few minutes ago and I got my Golden Ticket!!

I’m in the process of setting it up now, hopefully I’ll be able to transfer my existing posts over without too much hassle.

Want to get your own WordPress Blog ?

If you want to try and win your own golden ticket to, take a visit over to .


Hello world!

September 24, 2005
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I’m currently working on getting all my blogger posts migrated to my blog. Be back in an hour or so (or less hopefully).

Officially a student

September 22, 2005
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SignpostMarv, soon to be officially a BSc Multimedia Computing University Student.

The Good News.

So I am now officially a Uni student. I had my photo taken, which didn’t turn out too bad (although it’s a little fuzzy cos it was taken on a webcam). My friend Emma is my group’s parents in this weird Happy Families thing the course leader has going.

The not so good (or bad) news.

Had a little hassle getting my log on details sorted for the Uni network, so the only thing I can do is access my email at the moment.

The bad news.

Lindsay (USSU VicePresident) couldn’t get me a card holder :-(– something to do with Fujitsu methinx, so I’ve had to result to using a hole-punch on my cards :-(. Manor Quay related managerial type person already has a contracted photographer- looks like it’ll be a while before I’ll be a published photographer in addition to my other talents.


LEA lied. GRRR.

September 20, 2005
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LEA lied about my money.

So on my payment schedule it says I was supposed to get paid on Monday. Loada beep. It turns out that students don’t get their money till a whole 5 days after they’ve registered at their Uni. Unfortunatly for everyone at , students are registering on different dates according to the course they’re studying. Our friend Syn registered on Monday, my girlfriend registered today, and I register on Thursday.

So my girlfriend gets her LEA money earlier (and a bigger pile of cash as well), and I get mine around next Thursday. One the plus side, Student Union Vice President Lindsay McLeod (no relation to the ) will be sorting me out with a card holder for my card on Thursday, so my little purchase a while back won’t be going waste :-).

I’m working on getting myself sorted with a digicam so I can take photos for the Union during the Fresher’s Party @ the on Friday. The current situation is that they have to ask for students to send their own pictures in, and hope they’re of good enough quality and quantity to use on the site & magazine.

I’m also working on helping out the Union in general, going on my track record of getting work for pimping my talents for free. Such work in the past resulted in the aCMS I wrote for Connexions County Durham. That, and the other stuff I’ve done pretty much got me into Uni (pretty good considering I didn’t have enough UCAS points with that totally unrelated BND Popular Music degree).


those damn template experiments

September 18, 2005
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hCard microformat.

You know I swear that there’s either something wrong with the XSLT converter or the address book viewer. I’m going to be updating the hCard soon anyway. It’s just bloody annoying.


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