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Weekly News Roundup 1 | August 21, 2005

Sawyer doesn’t have a penis.

Now I know this isn’t real world news, but i found it interesting just the same. It’s a case of 2x0=0. Sore Thumbs is an interesting web comic, give it a read.

Source:.Source Author:Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby.

Are Devin Moore and Jack Thompson are idiots .?.

People more intelligent than either Moore or Thompson have done a study which proves, as every other intelligent person knows, that computer games don’t cause violence on their own.

Everybody with any common sense knows that if you go out and kill somebody ‘because’ of a video game, then you’re probably mentally/chemically unbalanced in the first place and shouldn’t have been allowed to play games with violence. That includes those whack-a-mole games with the foam hammer in the arcade.

Source:.Source Author:DelaSource:.Source Author:.Source:.Source Author:.

Record Ass. make an ass of themselves.

The RI Ass. of America has acknowledged what could be construed an admittance that they know that suing downloaders is stupid: More people get music illegally via counterfeit CD’s than off the Net.

Source:.Source Author:.Source:.Source Author:Dela.

Microsoft software sucks. Don’t let statistics tell you otherwise.

The Register recently reported that a study showed that usage was dropping. Which as pointed out in an email to them by Math Campbell, is a bunch of bullshit.

Source Author:
Source Author:
Math Campbell

I want my Zelda now!

The new Gamecube Zelda game is being moved from around xmas to at least April next year.

Source:.Source Author:Dan Choi

Space ‘exploration’ quickly becoming pointless.

Now I don’t want to belittle the skill and danger, that the astronauts on board the recent Shuttle mission were in, but it was effectively just a combined pizza delivery/trash truck that needed it’s tire changing on the way back to the depot.

Source:.Source Author:.

Google is better than Yahoo.

Proof that Yahoo need to get back to their core services instead of trying to play catchup with Google (Flickr is a great service, but Chat, IM, and Search tools all suck.). The recent claim that they have more documents listed in their indexed is rubbished by a scientific analysis.

Source:.Source Author:.Source:.Source Author:.

Scientists take the piss.

Scientists have created a battery powered by piss. Yes, piss.

Source:.Source Author:.Source:.Source Author:.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Xbox ?

Although this Halo mod is primarily for the PC, it is apparently possible that a version will end up being available to play on the Xbox.

Source:.Source Author:Ross Miller

M$ are stingy bastards.

Once again, Microsoft are being stingy bastards. During a simultaneous world-wide release of a console, you’d expect console prices to be pretty much the same, taking into account any minor fluctuations in the exchange rates. When speaking in units of Ã?£100, is there anyone who would define Ã?£60 as a minor fluctuation ?

Source:.Source Author:Conrad Quilty-Harper.Source:.Source Author:Dela.Source:.Source Author:.

E=mc² is 100 years old.

The famous equation is now a century old. I was watching a documentary on Einstein’s theories, and it made me realise one of the things one of the characters said in Dragonball Z- the thing where Trunks went to like Saiyen 3 or 4 and couldn’t move as fast. The extra energy increased his mass to a point where his speed was reduced.

Source:.Source Author:.

M$ to rip off .

People seem to be kicking up a fuss about Micro$ucks putting syndication support into IE7. .

Source:.Source Author:Cathleen Moore.

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